Phase One IQ4 151 megapixle camera

August 15, 2019

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By Carl Epstein    

Well we decided to pull the trigger on getting the Phase One IQ4 151 magapixle camera. It was a big investment but an easy choice. Phase One is the top in the still photographic industry and has been for years. With no other camera companies in a close second we have arguably one if the best camera setups in the world right now. We decided to get the full array of lenses as well. Since the IQ4 is  a full size medium format sensor the lenses are wider angle than a standard full frame DSLR and the framing is just amazing. This camera is a beast. It can be hand held or used on a tripod. The color science is top in the industry. We shoot everything in a raw file format so the photograph can be infinitely adjusted without degrading the file. The Phase one IQ4 is also a 16 bit color space which means over 65,000 colors in the photograph as compared to other cameras with 1,000 to 4,000 colors. This assures true color duplication from real life into the photograph.