Architectural photography creates a unique set of challenges that need to be understood in order to attain the desired results. 

Wide angle lenses are often needed in Architectural photography to get a proper field of view. These wide angle lenses come with an inherent problem being distortion. We have all seen photos that have the fish eye effect on the edges. Buildings lean in or a persons head is shaped like a watermelon. These problems can be fixed in photoshop or in camera with tilt shift lenses. In camera is always better so the perspective of objects in between the camera and the subject are the proper size as well. Here at 1250 Productions we use our

Phase One Iq4 151 megapixle camera with a tilt shift lens so the building and trees go vertically without distortion and the interior doorways and walls do not lean in. In certain situations where the tilt shift lens is not appropriate we have software to correct these things in Photoshop as well assuring you the highest quality and cleanest Architectural photographs available with current technology.

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